Was her dancing super outstanding?

An eleven-year-old named Adilyn Malcom (a.k.a. Audacious Adi) has surfaced as an Internet sensation with three uploaded videos of dance moves with dubstep songs in the background. Adilyn taught herself to dance to dubstep completely on her own and her talent is revealed when watching any of her videos. In her first video, she dances to “Need Your Heart” by Adventure Club and in her second one, she moves to “Higher” by Mark Rosas with impeccable flow and inspiring rhythm. Her most recent video features the song  “Bullet Train” by Stephen Swartz as Adi dances all over train-tracks.

With one video that has racked up over five-million views and a YouTube following of nearly 6,000 subscribers, Audacious Adi’s popularity will do anything but diminish.

Check out Audacious Adi in all of her dancing-to-dubstep videos below.