Turn down for what is easily one of the most overplayed songs of 2014. At this point, almost everyone can predict the pending drop. Adventure Club has found the perfect solution to this problem and in their latest edit, they give the anthem the proper finish it deserves.

As you watch the CO2 cannons and visual effects go into full “drop mode”  the baffled crowd suddenly didn’t know what to do with themselves at last nights Safe In Sound tour stop in San Jose, CA. Confusion and panic struck some concert goers at the concept of a non-hard-hitting climax to such a ratchet tune.

Other concert goers decided to hunt down the track online but due to Soundcloud’s inability to “keep their website running correctly for more than 30 seconds” the search fell short.

Although Deadmau5 still takes the trophy for the best main stage troll, a tip of the hat to Adventure Club and well played.

Click on the black box below to play the video

You can also watch the video here: Adventure Club Troll

Hope you liked it 🙂