Perhaps the most essential element to a show, next to the artist, is the visual component. We’ve all been to concerts where either the lighting was mind-blowing, like that of Porter Robinson’s visual artist, Ghostdad, or was simply pieced together to be as cheap and bland as possible. Whether we realize it or not, the visuals hook us into the show, whisking us away from our current setting into a magical, euphoric experience.

AQUA does just that. They’re most notably known for their debut tour back in April on Hardwell‘s North American Bus Tour including Dyro and Dannic that spanned across the entire USA. What separates them from the pack is simply, water:

[We are] introducing an entire show based off earth’s purest resource: water. 3D visuals float through the air. Powerful fountains surge with vibrant colors. Bursts of cool mist refresh your body. All while you dance to some of the worlds greatest DJ’s.”

Since their tour with Hardwell, AQUA revamped their production, pushing further the boundaries of lighting and visuals to create a show unlike any other. They’re setting an entire new standard of the concert experience that will simply blow away all your expectations, immersing you in a waterfall of euphoria! Essentially, AQUA’s innovation is simply incredible and we couldn’t be more excited for it on our end. See it for yourself below!

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