Insomniac has announced a cashless payment system for attendees at EDC Orlando this year, which will mean shorter lines and faster service. Called “Daisy Dollars,” the official “currency” at EDC Orlando, money can be linked to the ticket holder’s wristband, and the money can be used towards any purchasable item at the event, which includes food, drinks, merchandise, locker access and more.

As an added incentive, Insominac will add 10 free Daisy Dollars to wristbands that are loaded with $100 before November 6th. And for those who don’t use up all of their Daisy Dollars, you will be refunded the remaining amount at the end of the festival (but with a fee of $4.50).

Read more details about the new cashless system on Insomniac’s site, and get your tickets here.

Photo Credit: EDC Orlando