On my way to steal your girl started as an internet hashtag, and has now been turned into an awesome trap/reggae track, released this week by Splurt on Mad Decent. There is definitely a level of ridiculousness to this song, its lyrics, and maybe even just Splurt’s personality in general. The album artwork alone is enough to warrant weirdness to the max. Maybe so far that this whole thing: the song, the artist, the hashtag, might be too much to take seriously.

That being said, this track grooves and bounces, and who knows WTF “swiggity swooty” even means, but the more you hear it, the more you wanna keep repeating those silly words. There is a lot going on in this song, but all of it works. The reggae breakdown, steel pipes, vocals, and all kinds of noises hitting from all sides, are literal music to my ears. Grab a listen and see what Splurt is all about. 

But fellas watch out, ’cause #OMW2SYG.

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