I am very happy and humbled to be able to premiere this absolutely marvelous track by the brilliant mastermind that is Zanski. For of those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Zanski is a talented producer influenced by artists like Lemaitre, Porter Robinson, Oliver and Daft Punk. This new song “Meaning of,” which comes as a free download, is a track that pushes him further as an artist and creates a more experiential and memorable song as a result.

The song is 110bpm, but I would not call it glitch hop or moombahton; it’s more just electronic music akin to the artists I mentioned above, where it’s about the journey rather than the drop. The song is over six minutes long and Zanski takes full advantage of the time. He doesn’t play it safe and make a song that stays the same for its duration, instead rather the song can be broken up in to three parts, a beginning middle and end. The intro gently greets you into the song and eases you into the the wonderful vocoders. The middle section has a strong Daft Punk feel to it, and is funkier and groovier than the intro. Lastly to end the song, there is a large atmospheric build with the chilling tom drums. It seem silly how much I focus on the tom drums, but they take the song to a whole other level and add a serious amount of depth and climax to the third breakdown. The final climax of the song is a mixture of nostalgia and closure that is so elegantly expressed, it perfectly wraps up the track.