I told myself I wasn’t going to be sharing anymore remixes of tracks like “Runaway” by Galantis, which has had more than its fair share thanks to popularity, as well as a remix competition by Wavo. However, when I heard the what Party Thieves did to the original, I was forced to overcome and I had to share. Dubbed “heaven trap,” you’ll hear why that is the case once you click play. The magic really sets in once the drop hits; from there you are whirled away into a blissful oblivion. If you find yourself having a tough time this week, just pop this on and you will get away from all of your problems for three and a half minutes. That is, unless you happen to throw repeat on, then you could be immersed in “Runaway” all day. If you feel compelled to vote (I did), then do so, and make sure to grab the free download as well!

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