Back at it again after the first monthly round of “Fresh Face Friday” in the new genre of Dubstep and Drum & Bass. This week marks the second month of the new genre selection and we have some talented up and coming producers from as far a way as Poland to be featured. So without further ado, have a listen and vote for your favorite bass music producer featured here on Fresh Face Friday.

Tonicity – Impulse

Residing in Calgary, Tom started producing after being introduced to EDM about four years ago. He draws most of his influence from such artists as, Fractal, Au5, Seven Lions and Varien. Growing up playing classical piano for nine years, Tom shoots for one day incorporating heavily emotional EDM with his expertise in classical melodies and chords. Tom is certainly one to look out for as when I first heard his above track, I was nostalgically reminded of productions from Seven Lions and Fractal, my two go-to artists at the moment.

Tonicity on Facebook & Twitter

Rhexeon – Amphetaminarium

Next up here and probably the heaviest bass track featured this week, Kamil hails from the far reaches of Poland. His heavy Dubstep roots stem from his experience and inspiration of first being exposed to Skrillex’s, “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” EP. Shortly after falling “in love” with all the drops, he started creating his own compositions. Although Skrillex brought him into the EDM game, Rhexeon’s inspirations are quite diverse, in fact, they are the most diverse I have seen since creating this segment.  He attributes his intellectual productions to such names like Metallica, OWSLA artists, Dragonetti and Bottesini.

Rhexeon on Twitter and Youtube

bnenenenen – Stranglehold

To wrap it up for this week, I present you with my buddy bnenenenen. He is the throwback contestant for this week and I am excited to feature his newest track Stranglehold in the new genre selection for Fresh Face Friday. His mission statement is simple, he builds his music on powerful melodies and hard-hitting rhythms and here’s an interesting line. “Tracks are only released if they epitomise a feeling and give you an unsparing view of the world through his eyes”, that is heavy and I really like it.

bnenenenen on Twitter

Now that you’ve taken some time to listen to the artists featured work, cast your vote to advance one of these fellas to the next level of Fresh Face Friday, the Monthly segment.

Poll Results Week 1 Of November

Congrats to Tonicity! See you at the end of the month! Thanks to Rhexeon and bnenenenen and everyone that voted, keep an eye on your email, winner of the Your EDM shirt will be announced soon.

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-Chris W-