House has been on top of the EDM game for a while now, but it’s quite easy to spot some evolution in the genre. Big room has been losing ground to a revival of house itself. I tend to avoid the label future house, because it doesn’t adequately describe the recent resurgence of and interest in classic house music.

This is where the homies at InDeep come in. While you may not have heard of them yet, their vision is simple. Bring back sensibility and good times into the nightlife experience or as they call it a proper clubbing music. The American brand of EDM has often failed to offer any sort of widespread emphasis on club culture, so what could be a better way to bring this about than bringing the roots of house music back to the club? And what better way to illustrate this music first model than an hour and twenty minute living example.

InDeep has generously provided us with the latest installment of their guest mix series featuring the funky beats of #root.access. Hailing from Frankfurt, Germany #root.access is a perfect guide across the cosmos that is house. This is a stellar session, so be sure to check it out. InDeep has some very exciting talent lined up for the future so be sure to keep up to date with them! As always, peep the mix below!


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