Today marks the start of a new phase in the music industry. Most of the releases from up and coming artists has been pushed as free downloads through a gated Facebook “like to download” feature, but now, that can no longer be the case since Facebook has banned apps that use that feature. Thankfully, there are other services out there for artists to use for the purpose of gaining fans through gated downloads.

One of those services is Toneden. They have come up a “Follow on Soundcloud” app that will serve the same purpose, however I think this will work out even better than before, given that Soundcloud is used strictly for music, whereas Facebook is sort of a clusterfuck of all sorts of things. Current artists/labels using Toneden range from Jordy Dazz, Dim Mak and Buygore to name a few. We have recently partnered with the company to offer a lifetime discount for an upgraded profile, which includes the Soundcloud service for free. To sign up, head to the link below. If you do not have a Toneden account, you should probably make one. If for some reason you have trouble setting up the spotlight upgrade, then watch the video we have provided which will guide you through the process.

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