Halloween is widely regarded as the most socially acceptable day of the year to dress up like something(one) else and get absolutely obliterated with your friends. However, this year on All Hallow’s Eve, a Colorado State University Student by the name of Stefan Sortland, took things just a little teensy, weensy bit far. And by a bit far I mean allegedly taking what is being reported as a combination of “molly” and cocaine at a “concert,” stealing and crashing an ambulance,  assaulting responding officers, and an alleged night of jailhouse masturbation.

As a Colorado native and a University of Colorado at Boulder alum, I’ve witnessed first hand the madness that Colorado can spawn. I’ve been to parties that have been shut down by riot police during my time in college, but  I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anything quite as intense as this.

According to the to local reports Sortland is accused of stealing an ambulance that had arrived to treat another CSU student suffering ‘seizures.’ After apparently crashing the stolen ambulance – and you literally can’t make this shit up: “Officers said they found 18-year-old Stefan Sortland standing about 30 yards from the stopped ambulance wearing an EMT vest. Officers shot him with a stun gun when he refused their commands. Sortland had a blanket, a cell phone and a box of Wheat Thins with him.”  After being taken into custody, Sortland  spent the night acting erratically in Larimer County jail; reports vary but include “mmasturbating at authorities” and potentially violent outbursts.

We received statements from individuals claiming to be friends of Sortland who claimed that his behavior before the alleged incident was erratic and uncharacteristic of the young man. Some even went as far to suggest that mental illness and not drugs were to blame, but initial reports suggest that Sortland was found in possession of drugs which may have been the ADHD medication Adderall.

While, we do not wish to make any sort of prediction or statement on the matter, my personal belief is that chances are the drugs in question (mdma/cocaine) were probably anything but.  Thankfully no one was seriously injured, at least based on the reports. Unfortunately, this young man has essentially ruined any prospect of a normal life he may have had. While, it’s natural to make light of bizarre news such as this, it really is quite disturbing. I am in no way a drug expert, nor was I present for the events that transpired, but based on this strange occurrence we seek to stress the absolute importance of harm reduction efforts in the EDM community. The recent documentary What’s In My Baggy has purported that large amounts of research chemicals such as MDPV (bath salts) have been circulated potentially en mass. The effects of these drugs on the human body and psyche are not well researched nor understood. Drugs such as bath salts have been suspected as the culprit in other strange and sometimes violent public events. They are no joke and to varying degrees being passed around – whether in the EDM scene or through the illicit drug trade at large.

Editor’s Note: While it is too early to determine what substance Sortland ingested, it should nontheless be a cautionary tale to the dangers of putting foreign and untested substances into your body


Source: The Denver Channel