Fresh off their first release as the collaborative trap group De La Bass with Flechette, Unborn Records label heads Tomsize and Simeon are back at it with another rowdy Parisian trap tune entitled “Slender.” As the “Mayhem X Antiserum” of the French trap world, these guys have developed their own unique style that always has us fiending for more.

“Slender” carries on with their typical MO in the minimal trap sense, but this one has some crazy atmospheric samples going on that are barely noticeable but contribute to the massive reverberated sound. The lead is characterized by a saturated chip-tunes style synth that provides a nostalgic, yet nuanced flavor the the track. As always, the guys keep the 808s kicking and the snares rolling.

You can grab “Slender” for free courtesy of Unborn Records or if you aren’t a punk you can grab it off iTunes or Beatport. No matter what you choose, make sure to rate and hit up the guys on their socials below. | | | |