Unless you’ve really got your ear to the ground, you likely haven’t heard of Ben Wash. He was closing a set in Los Angeles for Crookers a while back, and unfortunately I didn’t get to see him play because the rest of the show was so terrible. And it’s funny, I would have had a much better time if I had just fought through it, too. See, I assumed that because Ben Wash was closing for Crookers, that he was going to be in the same vein of music. I could not have been more wrong.

You see, Ben Wash makes bass music. And it’s not really comparable to anything that has come out in the past year. Not that it’s new or revolutionary in any way, but it’s actually a little bit retro. He has this way of making a completely unrefined track shine like a polished gem, and to be quite honest, it’s just a bit baffling to me.

Here, we have a track titled “Emma Watson Walks In” from Ben Wash’s forthcoming debut album Snob Rock out on iTunes tomorrow. It starts off with these super cheesy 80’s synth arpeggios and a white noise wash, and then the kicks come in like a 12 year old’s first production. But through it all, I don’t know, there was this sense of refinement and purpose behind the track that I can’t explain. The whole track sounds a bit muddled, and maybe that’s why I get the feeling of amateur, but I can’t help but like it!

Agree with me, disagree with me, whatever. This track and the rest of Snob Rock is really worth your time. Pre-order it HERE.