A new week means another edition of one of the grooviest podcasts to launch. The German duo of twenty-two year olds Mynga present Mondays with the pick-me-up everyone needs before or after they go to school or work with a program they like to call Mynga Mondays. These almost thirty-minute mixes play extravagant, feet-moving deep house to start off everyone’s week in the rightest of ways. Smooth transitions and superb track choices make this mix superior to most mix shows. Check it out here and let us know what you think of this kick-ass mix.

Mynga Mondays, Episode 2 by Youredm on Mixcloud

We also have a lovely interview with Mynga with questions provided by our brilliant and talented writer Sara Natkins! Enjoy:

How would you describe your music?

We would describe our music as Melodic House. We also have a few remixes up on our Soundcloud, which sound a bit darker but retain the melodic sound.

How did you two meet and what drew you guys to each other as production partners?

We met in college in 2012. We also both have different musical backgrounds. After spending a few nights in the studio together we found out that we work well together and have the same passion for music. MYNGA finally was born in April 2014.

What is “Mynga”? How did that name come about?

MYNGA refers to the slang word for our hometown Munich that is “Minga” the city known for Oktoberfest. Since the term “Minga” already existed on the Internet we switched one letter and went with MYNGA.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would you guys choose?

Our dream would be to play on a rooftop of a huge skyscraper that would be amazing, like on the Burj Khalifa in Saudi Arabia 😉

What artists influenced your current sound? Is there anyone you guys are dying to collaborate with?

We have influences from a variety of different artists like Klang KarussellKANT, and MK. Yes, definitely we would die to collaborate with this Aussie bad boy called Flume.

Being that you feature live musical elements such as a saxophone and guitar in “Back Home,” were those sampled or did you two actually play them?

The Saxophone is live recorded by our super talented friend Niklas
Kluger (check him out:facebook.com/niklasklugersax) and the Ukulele we used is also recorded, but we needed to tweak it a lot to get the groove it has now.

What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had at a show?

At a show a guy came over to the DJ booth. He handed some money
over and tried to order two beers. Just had to laugh, and we told him the
bar is at the other side.

What can we expect from Mynga in 2015?

We have an almost finished follow-up single “Ready” which is a bit
more electronic and doesn’t contain a Saxophone. It is still melodic and for sure you will recognize a few sound elements from the “Back Home” track. Furthermore we will launch a new podcast series in 2015, more info on
this will be coming soon. Thank you very much for having us!

You can also check out their first episode here, which we also premiered. Also check out their latest single out now called “Back Home” that features Cosmo Klein.

Mynga – “Back Home (feat. Cosmo Klein)”