Everyone’s favorite star DJ, Steve Aoki, is about to start releasing deep house tracks under a different ghost producer’s name. Err sorry, I meant he is going to make an alternative alias so the sound will not be mixed with his already “established” sound. In an interview with Mixmag, Steve Aoki revealed what inspired him to take on the deep house project:

“That kind of environment, [Cafe Mambo in Ibiza], the banging stuff just doesn’t work, so I was playing house: Maceo Plex, Ten Walls, Tiga’s collaborations, Duke Dumont and some more underground stuff.
“I won’t release it under Steve Aoki, it’ll be under another name. I don’t want to confuse people who associate me with my usual sound, and I want it to be judged on its own merits. We’ll see how it does.”

Steve Aoki’s newly inspired interest in joining the “deep house” bandwagon will not hinder his cake throwing act, however. Steve fully intends to move forward with his typical act and will make every effort to keep the two separate to highlight the two different styles:

   “My intention is to showcase music, but the way I see it is that the different props are there to raise the energy and emotion: if people are enjoying themselves then it’s working. To me it’s not a distraction from the music, it’s a supplement.”

Although his new alias still lacks a name, you can be rest assured it’s coming. We can only hope that his latest project will prove more bearable then his current one. You can keep up with Steve Aoki by following him below: