By now, there isn’t a person in the electronic music world that hasn’t heard of the Skrillex and Diplo supergroup known as JackU. They debuted last year, playing live for the first time at the Mad Decent Block Party San Diego, and while super understates the power of this explosive duo, there has been little in the way of releases and information about the collaboration. A year later, they teamed up with the singer songwriter Kiesza, who is coincidentally friends with Diplo and Skrillex. Similar to the music they make as individuals, their combined sound is something completely new, yet you can hear each of them through the music.

Producers everywhere are remixing this one, but few will put as unique a flip on it as this. Then again, Kayzo is one of a kind. He peels back the busy layers of the original, adding his own bass line and heavy, dirty drops bound to have everyone in the club jumping around with hands in the air. This track is available for download too, so cop it and play it in your sets or warming up to go out to a show. Make sure you have big speakers and turn up the bass to really feel the energy. It will flow right through you. | |