SNBRN is cranking up the heat with a scorching remix of Pretty Ricky‘s “Grind With Me” that definitely broadcasts those amazing tropical house vibes. We are pretty sure he is a fan of 50 Cent, and really now, who isn’t? As a proponent character of breaking down genre barriers of make feel-good, happy music, we can get behind this dude’s sound.


“For this track I wanted to do a double remix, incorporating both the chorus from Grind With Me and 50’s verse from Hate It or Love It. The goal was to create a super fusion of hip hop/deep/progressive/nu disco and make a sexy upbeat track anyone can get down to. Relax your mind and enjoy the free download ;)” – SNBRN

Relax your mind, but make sure you groove to this funky tune even if it is just to shrug your shoulders or bounce your head while seated. It is like an omnipresent sound. It’s representative of past, present, and future. A future where the bass infects you with soul and rhythm, so much so that you can’t not move.

It’s something tropical and sweet like a Mai Tai garnished with cherries, pineapple, and an umbrella on top. It is the escape you need at your fingertips. Just close your eyes and listen. Let the feels consume you.

Big Ups to the homie SNBRN for his originality and yet another intoxicating track.

It is available for free download. If you dig it which you will, give it a <3 on HypEm.