Pioneer, fresh from the sale of its entire DJ equipment division, has at least one more ace up its sleeve before it exits the game in the form of a new digital deck on sale later this month.

Enter the XDJ-1000, looking no different then their industry-standard CDJ line. There’s one major change, though: it won’t read any of your old CDs. In change, it can now index and scroll through your entire library all via your personal USB thumb-drive thanks to the built-in rekordbox™ music management software. Even Pioneer CDJs don’t play CDs anymore! Though it has lost its CD deck, it’s gained a touch screen, which lets users search for music their by pulling up a standard QWERTY keyboard and the simplified music input interface upgrades have also seemed to have a significant impact on its price point (MSRP $999.99 USD) compared alongside Pioneer’s other pricier options in the CDJ line. You can watch a video of the new XDJ in action above.





Source & Images via Pioneer