UPDATE: Speak of the devil, looks like we’ve got some solo stuff here and it’s good.


Someone like Kris Trindl was never going to leave music behind, we knew that. For many musicians, creating and writing music is sort of “home base,” where they feel most comfortable. Kris, otherwise known as Rain Man, of course left the trio Krewella back in September pending litigation. We’re still not exactly sure what’s going on there, but Rain Man has made his way back onto the scene in a new remix with Mat Devine, in a new side project they’re calling Hunter Square.

Hunter Square remixed a track from Wrongchilde, which just so happens to be Devine’s solo project, featuring vocals from Gerard Way, of My Chemical Romance. It’s a large departure from Rain Man’s old sound within Krewella that featured harsh, discordant synths and powerful basslines; the remix is a much more poppy interpretation of the original track.

As the first release for the new side project, it is being given away for free. Get your copy HERE.

What do you think of the new project? Is it what you expected?

Also, as just a side project, we think this may just be some way to release some musical steam as Rain Man finds his new, personal sound.