The fourth annual International Gloving Championship promises to be the biggest and brightest yet. Come see what this community of talented, new age light show artists has in store. Gloving is a rising hand dance form which utilizes multicolor LED strobe lights inside of gloves to bring the movements of the fingers to life.

“IGC is an annual celebration full of creativity and passion that brings light artists, their friends, and fans together as a family,” said EmazingLights founder Brian Lim. “The competitive aspect of the event also serves to really push forward the art form – it’s exciting to see the new skills and innovative moves the competing Glovers bring each year.”

IGC 2014 is as much a celebration of dance, art and culture as it is a Gloving competition. Fresh off a big year, including features in a McDonald’s commercial and a Taylor Swift music video, dance crew Finger Circus will be on hand for special performances and a panel discussion. Also coming to the stage will be a special LEDhula hoop performance by Morgan Jenkins of the Hooptown Hotties and poi performances presented by Flowtoys. We’ll also be featuring live music all day and night from DVS (a.k.a. Skittles), Plexxus, and a special guest headliner that played main stage at Nocturnal Wonderland 2014.

EmazingLights will be presenting its Golden Glove Award to the glover who has contributed the most to the Gloving community. The high school and college campus Gloving organization Ambience will be hosting a Feedback Booth for new glovers looking for tips and tricks from the pros. Live art will be painted throughout the day by local artist Pedro Flores from CAT-Studios. Award-winning long exposure photographer Harmonic Light will also host a booth for light trail-infused portraits.

The tournament will feature 120 glovers + 14 gloving legends who have contributed to the artistic development of the scene by pushing their creative boundaries and winning competitions throughout the last four years.

Come for the gloving, stay for the community and special events. EmazingLights can’t wait to show the world how far gloving has come!

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