Monstercat released a freebie today in the form of a remix by Dani Deahl of the Pegboard Nerds‘ single “Badboi.” This release dropped just as Dani comes off giving a Ted Talk this past weekend about women in dance music, a topic she can surely dish out some knowledge and insight about. Dani has been disrupting the sex dynamic in the industry by being a key figure in music journalism, as well as a powerful producer. She continues to pump out quality productions that have wooed fans and industry officials, going so far as getting her remixes, like this one, the stamp of being official. With “Badboi” she keeps with the twerk/trap sound and even throws in some moombah vibes in the mix. For me, I like this more than the original; it’s just a little bit more bad. And I love it. Dani makes sure you really feel the music, conjuring up a burning desire to just let loose and dance. Get your free copy of this turn’t remix for free below and get your “Badboi” on.

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