Darius Giurar, the mind behind Gypsy Mamba, had an unlikely come up in electronic music culture, as financial struggles did not award him the ability to explore the many digital sounds that represent the EDM spectrum. Refusing to be deterred, the California native adopted the saxophone, guitar and piano in his local church and kept his yearning for artistic expression alive. It wasn’t until a family member gifted him a laptop, did he find his true calling, and Darius has writing beats ever since.

Your EDM is proud to premiere “Grandpa,” the first track off of Gypsy Mamba‘s upcoming Cigs N Sodas EP (due out November 18th). The experimental trap beat finds room in a chip tune based lead that jukes along 808s and a mid range bass worthy of the sombre tones found in southern style hip hop. The track comes full circle when the organic piano is introduced in the break and the juxtaposition of digital and analogue sounds elevate the tension like Kim Kardashian’s agent having to reveal to her that she in fact was not able to break the internet.

This one is available for pre-order now through 12th Planet‘s Smog Records and you will be able to collect on the goods tomorrow (11/18). Head on over to iTunes to grab your copy, and check out the stream of “Grandpa” below.

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