After almost 10 years after their initial release of Hydroid‘s Greek Trick, (with a fabulous Perry O’Neil remix in tow), the legendary sublabel of Enhanced Recordings, Enhanced Progressive, is now about to hit a milestone of 200 successful releases through the tough and often unforgiving world of record labels. The fact that they have survived for almost 10 years only solidifies its standing for solid, consistent Trance from the world’s greatest artists, and the consistency for this level of quality has rung true throughout the entire scene of Trance today. They have systematically given birth to amazing talents from Arty, Terry Da Libra, Juventa, LTN, The Madison and Karanda, to their current roster of label heroes which include Speed Limits, Thomas Hayes, Sound Quelle and Anry. To celebrate this amazing cornerstone in their career, both Will Holland and Tritonal have upped the ante to release a multitude of new singles from some of the biggest artists within their roster. Some singles have already been released earlier this month, which include A380 by Speed Limits, Cristina Soto & Johan Vilborg‘s Wasting Candles and Alae Khaldi vs. AWD‘s The Rise. With the recent LTN remix to The Madison‘s Amazing, (which has stayed true to the track’s title), Enhanced Progressive is now slated to release 4 new singles this week from the incredible talents of Alex Klingle, Jaco & Ease, High 5 and Wrechiski.



Alex Klingle- Phase Shift (Original Mix)

First debuted during Will Holland‘s stint in the Enhanced Sessions radio show #255, this track has been a fearless example of the titanic might that Progressive Trance can truly achieve. Other accolades that Phase Shift has accomplished include a play on Armin van Buuren‘s ASOT radio show and on Aruna‘s The Hot List show, and was first released underneath Enhanced‘s Amsterdam Sampler for this year’s ADE celebrations. It was also featured on the massive Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4 mix compilation alongside other artists like Kevin Charm, Estiva and Kago Pengchi. While this is his first ‘official’ release, Alex Klingle already has the makings of a true master of Progressive Trance, as his fluid, connective phrases and decadent sound banks have elevated his talents towards the greater, international scene of Trance. Filled with just the right blend of grit, torque and melodic elements, his track is neither too festival oriented, nor too weak either. His layering is on point throughout the evolution of the track’s phrases and his breakdowns are supremely crafted with an air of expertise and ingenuity. Finally, his colossal buildup is offset with strange computer glitches before it slams into overdrive with a driving, full speed drop that still contains that essential Progressive Trance edge. Outstanding release all around.



Jaco & Ease- Lumina (Original Mix)

Jaco first received huge support from Enhanced Progressive with fantastic releases such as Malaysia and Dam Square and while he has been going through some changes of his own in his sound, (with Electro infused tracks such as Screw It, Reborn and his collaboration with Speed Limits with Palm Of Your Hand), his consistent clarity for all things Progressive has remained within his grasp. Recently, he has teamed up with fellow upcomer Ease for a new collaborative project that includes a radio show entitled Distilled Sessions, as well as a Prog inspired remix to Moonbeam‘s I Go On. Now, the duo are set on releasing their first new single entitled Lumina, and this track definitely brings back some of the timeless Progressive Magic that Jaco brings to the table when he’s on his game. Lumina‘s coarse, driving basslines and rising pitch synths are offset by its simplistic percussions and fantastic Prog ostinatos before pulling into the main breakdown. The breakdown features beautiful string work by these two artists, as well as a brilliant orchestration of ethnic vocalists, floating pads and a neat tribal section that really puts the piece in a wider perspective. Finally, it unleashes into a beautifully crafted melody that capitalizes on that essential Enhanced Progressive sound while tapping into that superb talent of Jaco that we absolutely love here at Your EDM.



High 5- Leah (Original Mix)

We first covered this exceptional talent when he crafted on of last year’s most beautiful Trance singles with As Long As It Takes, which mainly received heavy support from Above & Beyond on their Group Therapy radio show. Along with a few remixes and collaborations, including his take on Genix & Las SalinasSay What and Divine with Adam Kancerski, High 5 has been keeping himself regularly busy throughout 2014. However, it has been a long time since he has unveiled a new single, and with the upcoming importance to the Enhanced Progressive 200 release coming up, Leah is the one track that he has chosen to represent his stellar talents. In Leah, it vibrantly blooms with gorgeous, melodic material as well as teasing elements to hint at the main course of the project in the piece’s very skeletal opening. The opening quickly opens up to lush Progressive Trance in a paired down fashion as the onslaught of multiple timbres shooting and striking in all directions becomes increasingly apparent as the phrase moves on. Through the breakdown, we are met with an absolutely gorgeous piano line that is supplimented with playful synth blocks, flowing pads and smooth textures as a pronounced Prog line hits home with tremolo apparent. Finally, the switch between Prog House and Prog Trance fully flips to the later as euphoric melodies envelop the listener in subversive delight and wonder, (with only the melodies that High 5 can deliver).



Wrechiski- Esperanza (Original Mix)

This bright new face first released on Monster Tunes with his fantastic singles of Aquamarine, Starchild and his remix to Photographer‘s run away 2013 hit, Airport, before moving onto Anjunabeats with a great remix to Oliver Smith‘s Evermore and BPM Records with a cool remix to High 5 & Krzysztof Palicki‘s Stowaway. His edgy, unique interpretation on the age old classic Prog Trance formula is a breath of fresh air to those who have grown bored of the style’s stale melodies, and his bold, ‘in your face’ synth work is some of the best in the business. While his sound differs between Prog House and Trance, he has decided to unleash a powerful tribute to the iconic Enhanced Prog sound with a great new single entitled Esperanza. His single contains heavy amounts of funk and disco groove, especially in the beginning, for a trippy and wild ride through the troughs of yesteryear and towards the future. In the breakdown, we are met again with a gorgeously detailed piano line coupled with marching band drumlines until a fantastic melody springs forth to proclaim its bold statement. Finally, its grand synthwork is revealed in the piece’s climax where the gorgeous chord changes and brilliant timbral connectivity is chiefly made apparent. A fantastic staple to the library to be sure, Esperanza definitely has all the markings of a great Prog Trance hit.



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Keep the music alive. -Q