“Tornera’ Il Sole” is bringing plenty of warmth to the Holiday season in a big way. There aren’t many house tunes out that are this funky, so Birdee‘s spunky sound is welcomed with open arms. Birdee managed to infuse a classic vibe into this otherworldly hit. The song has an intimate feel, like many club tracks, but I can see this one turning a lot of heads in a less personal atmosphere like a festival. Saying this song is fun is an understatement; I think it could even turn up an old folks home with how exciting it is. With so much music coming out, it’s hard for a record to stand out, but this stands above a lot of what has been coming out lately in the house realm. I’d buy this without hesitation, but I don’t need to. Luckily, it comes as a free download for you to get your hands on.

Free Download