Fool’s Gold Records is one of the few labels in the dance music sphere that simply does not sacrifice quality to the sheer quantity of music they release. With the prodigious A-Trak at the helm, the label continues to be a leading force as a taste maker through a wide variety of genres and styles. One such offering, Musique by Los Ghosts, the united effort of Trevor Bones and Viceroy is a prime example of this quality.

Musique was personally signed by A-Trak himself and showcases a sort of tech-lectro sound reminiscent of earlier Wolfgang Gartner. House beats and lazer type screeches make this tune an unrelenting yet tasteful club track. Truly a sexy, groovy offering from Los Ghosts who have a bright future ahead of them, as Musique is only their second official release. Be sure to keep your eyes on these guys and as always peep the track below and grab your FREE DOWNLOAD!


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