Back in May, I had the privilege of catching Kaskade at the Philadelphia stop on his Redux tour. It was small. It was intimate.  It was dark. It was stripped of flashy lights and big production, leaving the crowd alone with the soul of his beats. It was near perfect. The only complaint was that it was overpacked. The venue, even on a weeknight, could not fit the amount of Redux fans that were ready to get down, and I heard or read the same grievance from various stops on the tour.

His idea of the Redux Tour was initially created for small venues, to give the chance for Kaskade and his fans to travel back to a time when house music was first rising. So when the idea came to life two years ago, that’s what it was and what it should be…small and intimate, held in clubs that only housed 200-300 fans.

“Redux for me is just very natural and that’s what I grew up doing, and for me it’s like putting on an old pair of jeans.” – Kaskade

Yet, typical of Kaskade, he has listened to his fans’ qualms; they want to dance, not be squished like sardines in the corner, nor miss out on ticket sales because the 200-occupancy room sold out in 30 seconds. Today he announced that he will be bringing Redux to a bigger venue, one that will allow more people to experience the deep side of earlier Kaskade, to hear the roots of his art.

While Brooklyn’s Output remains a fan-favorite for house lovers (myself included), and was the ideal place to initially host Redux, it’s time to open the dance floor up and share it with those who are down to get down. On December 30th, Kaskade will be playing an extended Redux set at New York City’s Pier 36 for those ready to make the dive into the deeper side of things.

“New York City is one place that feels unique in that she could host a Redux of larger proportions. A Redux where we change nothing but the size of the room – and fill it with the savvy music lovers who are down to do this.” – Kaskade

As Kaskade emphasizes, Redux is not for everyone.  It’s not a banger festival set, nor will it be reminiscent of his Atmosphere Tour at Barclay’s. It will be dim, impassioned, close, intimate, deep, personal. It will force you to close your eyes and swiftly sway your head from side to side for an hour before you even realize. It will give you the chance to reflect on nothing else but the beats. It’s not just house, it’s Redux.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, November 21st. So get ready to go deep.