One of the champions in mainstream electronic music Zedd has a new music video out now in collaboration with Absolut. In a partnership with vodka brand Absolut, the music video displays Zedd’s Rude remix as the background to a young man joining his young adult friends. They drink some (you guessed it) Absolut Vodka, they go out into the town, and catch a show with (right again) Zedd. They party, dance, and jam to an Absolut-sponsored party in the middle of shipyard’s container unit section.

This is one of the greatest things about the free market. To see a young producer from German/Russian decent (who was unknown to most over four years ago) work together with one of the largest brands in alcoholic spirits in the world is a sign of incredible success and exponential possibilities for any musician. Sure the video is a massive ad for everyone watching to swing by a liquor store and pick up some Absolut Vodka and sure this video sacrifices any artistic value in focusing on selling vodka than on the tune, but the song is still great without the video and the video is still fun to watch. Let’s also remember this isn’t Absolut’s first EDM-related music video they have created. Two years ago when Swedish House Mafia was still alive and around, Absolut sponsored their incredible music video for “Greyhound” and that turned out to be one of the coolest music videos to come out that year.  Point is, do not let all the bottles of Absolut distract you from enjoying a fun music video to an awesome remix.

Check it out here and let us know what you think of it.

Note: This music video can also be considered to be a recap video of the event hosted by Absolut called Absolut Nights. Here is a description of the initiative:

“With the new Absolut Nights initiative, Absolut collaborated with cutting edge artists to inject creativity into nightlife through a series of artistic experiences that raised the bar of what to expect from a night out. Here is the premiering music video featuring Zedd.

Kicking off in New York on September 12, Absolut collaborated with artists Vita Motus to transform the skyline of New York City. Inviting participants to experience how anything is possible through creativity, Absolut turned the waterfront of Brooklyn into the most exciting club in the world – for just one night.”