Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014 at Billboard’s Touring Conference & Awards in New York, Pasquale Rotella talked about his vision for Insomniac, and what the future is in store for electronic music in 2015. He talked about the opportunities of growth, safety, and education for all Insomniac festivals. In addition, expanding his reach to international markets like Mexico City and Asia.

Insomniac has substantially grown its brand equity and identity; from the number of employees, to the carnivals and festivals held around the world every year. Pasquale’s goal is to deliver more than just an all day/weekend festival fun, as stated, “We’re about the experience.”

With their continuous growth, Pasquale talked about important topics during the discussion panel, like safety throughout all festivals. Buerger mentioned, “he’ll continue to host 18- and 21-plus festivals that employ lots of precautions, including what he calls “ground control.” In addition, he wants to educate festival goers in a efficient way that will help acknowledge their behaviors during festival hours. Pasquale said, “We’re trying to find the perfect way to do that … but we don’t do these events so people can get high.”

Buerger, also mentioned that Pasquale “Shook off” the idea of how EDM events have become saturated, and pointed out that there is still high demand for festivals. As stated, EDC sold 400,000 tickets prior to the line-up release, but he did mention how “The sound is changing,” and underground dance music will be on the rise.

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