As far as Reddit AMAs go, Gary Richards’ wasn’t particularly exciting. The head honcho at HARD Events was rather reticent to reveal too many details about why he was kicked out of his frat in college, or how he reacted to Carnage at HARD Summer when he yelled out “F**k Gary Richards!!” Many questions went altogether unanswered, but even still, Gary seemed to make time to answer some of the lowest voted questions, as well.

The AMA, or “Ask Me Anything,” post was meant to publicize Gary Richards’, aka Destructo’s, new West Coast EP. Through the course of the thread, Gary gave some insights to the future of festival culture, though they were very vague like the answer to “What’s the next step in event/festival production? Do you notice that the EDM event “ecosystem” is changing at all?”

“…the challenge is to remain fresh and innovative always bring the newest talent and creative ideas.”


However, we did find out a couple interesting details. Apparently, there are plans “in the works” to bring livestreaming to HARD events next year. Additionally, the Dare You 2 Move Remix EP is coming out December 9th with remixes from Shiba SanDjemba Djemba and Jack Beats.

Listen to the West Coast EP below and read the whole AMA here.


H/T: mixmag
Photo Credit: Piper Ferguson