Compared to pills where 20-30 mg of MDMA was present in the past, modern ecstasy pills are now approaching 100 mg per pill; a significant, and potentially deadly change. Although correlation doesn’t prove causation by any means, in recent years the percent of ecstasy related deaths has risen steadily from 8% in 2010 to 43% in 2013 in Wales & England.

A new pill has even been said to be two and a half times the strength of an average MDMA dose.

The toll has taken a most noticeable affect on older clubbers who take the drug less often; but we encourage everyone to remain aware of this potential danger, regardless of your age or experience.

In early 2013 a fifteen year old girl died in Oxford after swallowing 0.5g of 91% pure MDMA. This led to her mother calling for the legalization of drugs so that such accidental, excessive dosages don’t continue to happen.

HT The Guardian
Image Source: DEA