Few Trance producers get as much flash and glimmer than the mighty titan that is Photographer, whose stellar, all encompassing career has earned him the right as one of the leading Trance artists within the entire world, Within a few short years, he has transformed himself from unknown producer into one of the hottest seeked talents out there as many leading artists such as Bryan Kearney, John O’Callaghan, Aly & Fila and Indecent Noise have been constantly hammering his tracks with each and every new release that he churns out. Armin van Buuren cannot get enough of this amazing Ukranian wonder and has personally allowed him to remix his special Who Is Afraid Of 138?! single off of his Intense album, as well as Laily by Aly & Fila off of their Quiet Storm album. His career first kicked off with the massive, 2012 hit of Airport, which was heralded as tune of the year by many die hard Trance fans and since then, he has unveiled some serious remixes to high end Trance artists such as Bobina, Binary Finary and Talla 2XLC. After the stellar success of his brand new single, Rebound, he is now on remix duties in what is quickly becoming a contender for Track Of The Year with his unbelievable rework of Dash Berlin‘s Shelter, which features to mesmerizing vocals of Roxanne Emery. For some time now, Dash Berlin has been hitting hard within the Progressive House realm, but this remix gives Shelter the proper Trance remix it deserves, and who else would be better at accomplishing this challenging task than the mighty Photographer?

This astonishing producer is well known for his serious melodies and pounding, behemoth-esque arrangements, and as the originator of his own unique sound, he has quickly transformed from underground artist to a trendsetting powerhouse within the Trance scene. However, this particular remix goes above and beyond the normal call of duty and Photographer has transformed Shelter into a gigantic track that is both powerfully immense and emotionally euphoric. Kicking things with his usual arsenal of heavy handed power synths and growling acid snarls, his sound is surprisingly low key in order to leave room for the vocals to shine, which is quickly becoming a common problem with many producers nowadays. The flowing lyrics of Roxanne Emery exude like a graceful river as her heartfelt message is heard with crystal clear clarity and depth. The breakdown is what true anthems are made of, as Photographer has switched things up from his usual M.O., and instead of utilizing a wide assortment of various synths and pads, he instead implements a simple, yet beautiful piano line that puts the full piece into an entirely different light. The simplicity itself is heavenly in design as he manages to produce pure Trance gold from instruments such as warm basslines, delicate piano and lushious vocal harmonies as he slowly molds the phrase to envelop the listener in pure, yet enigmatic bliss. Finally, with a deceptive buildup that seems to launch into a sweet and lovely melody, he instead cranks it into high gear and delivers a truly astonishing drop that bellows out with raw, coursing strength and colossally thunderous melodies. With an instantly catchy melody that is not too cliché, this remix has all the makings to become one of the top tracks of 2014.

Photographer‘s stellar remix to Dash Berlin‘s Shelter is out now on Armind via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure to check out MaRLo‘s remix as well!


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