SoCal’s Lewdite put his own Shinobi (Japanese for “ninja”) touch on this hot Azealia Banks “Chasing Time” remix. Clearly digging the Asian vibes from her original video, he infused hakuhachi and koto instruments to augment the jazzy piano chords that really woke this track up:

“I’m  a big ‘Naruto’ anime fan and the video had some things that reminded me of the anime. I was compelled to make a ‘ninja’ version.”

Lewdite hit the production Goldilocks zone with this futurepop remix–not changed too much, not changed too little, but juuuusstt right. Be sure to follow Lewdite on SoundCloud for more fire remixes. Also check out his past posts, you are sure to find something you dig. Follow him on Facebook to see when and where he’ll be hittin’ the decks in the LA area.