As if there weren’t enough talented Canadians out there shaking things up in their respective fields, we have another with the driven creator Coleman Hell. Recently, this Toronto music man released his VENA EP through his sideways collective. In mentioning collectivity, I must admit that this project feels, to me, as though Coleman’s influences came together in perfect proportions. His own sonic shell is united with indie, pop, deep house and soul. With powerful productions and ravishing vocals, Coleman put out one of the cleanest projects to hit the net this year.

“Venezuela” is a fun intro record, but that is just the beginning of things. “Heat Of The Night” swoops in to grab all your feels and coddle them until your crying and dancing all at the same time. Perhaps my favorite single, “Fortress” comes in third on the tracklist with a whole lot of groove. There’s just too much good stuff going on in that song. Next, we experience “All The Monsters,” which is both more enigmatic and upbeat; although, there is a short trappy section that is just gold. Closing out VENA is a collaboration with the also talented, and also sideways act La+ch. “Red Rover” finishes things off nicely with a subtle, but liberating sound. Let us end by me saying that adding this EP to your library will likely be the best decision you make this Holiday season.

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