Zhu has had no shortage of people astonished at his rise to fame. In just 10 short months, nearly every music blog is writing about him and his debut EP Nightday has done exceptionally well.

Along with the anonymity of his image is a certain reluctance to even speak out, or give interviews. As an anonymous, amorphous being, it is easier to remove your voice from the equation altogether than to actually speak out about the music, which is the opposite of what Zhu wants. Nevertheless, he phoned in to Triple J Australia from his studio for a good 10-minute interview.

In the time from picking up the phone to putting it down, Zhu described in pretty good detail his plans for his debut album, which he says is still “in its infancy,” as well as inspirations behind tracks like “Faded.”

“What’s cool about this project is that I’m able to write, produce and sing and pick what voice works. My voice works for some things but it doesn’t work for everything. So if I need a different texture, then I’m gonna go and get it. I think on the album there will be a lot more textures. Of course along with what I do. To broaden it and to add more colors to the palette.”

Listen to the whole interview below, and check out Zhu’s latest track here.