Growing up in small town Indiana, I have found that a lot of my peers simply do not know what electronic music is, even though a lot of their favorite songs have electronic influences behind them. 27-year-old Corey Baker, aka Kill Paris can say the same. After growing up in a town just outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Corey decided to move to the mecca of country music – Nashville, Tennessee (he actually lived in Tampa before moving to Nashville). Corey called Nashville home for a short time and is where he pursued a career in country music; playing guitar in a country band. This may not come as a surprise to a lot of people as this is a very popular genre in Indiana. However, in addition to playing guitar, he started to dabble in producing electronic music. It wasn’t until he attended Ultra Music Festival in 2008 that he became submersed in the electronic music culture.

After moving around a lot, he decided to venture back to Indiana. This is where he got a job at Sweetwater Sound – a dealer for music equipment. After working there for about a year, he realized he wanted to do something else and asked his parents what they thought about him moving to Los Angeles. They approved. So Corey packed up his bags and drove across the country to California. And no, he did not have a plan. Shortly after arriving however, he acquired a job where he was teaching Ableton production lessons. It was going well until one day he woke up feeling sick from the night before and had a difficult time teaching lessons. He went home feeling bummed. Checked his Soundcloud. What does he see? A message from Skrillex saying he loved his music and wanted Corey to send him new tunes. A producer’s dream, right? Right.

After building a relationship with Sonny and the rest of the OWSLA team, they wanted Corey to do a release on the label. This is where everything began to pick up. Corey had been making music for over 10 years at this point. That being said, it was not just an overnight success.

As he’s had more releases on OWSLA, his touring schedule has increased as well, doing tours with Bassnectar, the OWSLA crew, Candyland, and Big Gigantic to name a few. Despite his busy schedule, he has recently managed to launch his own label – Sexy Electric. The label includes releases from Kill Paris, Alma, and Bees Knees. Lastly, he has also started a series on his YouTube channel called “Inspiration Station.” According to Corey, the series was created to “give people a source to find inspiring life tips to improve and maintain one’s creative flow.”

Even though he’s experienced a lot of success, Corey has also lead an inspiring life. For example, he has persevered through difficult times when producing, during times of financial instability, and also when touring.

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