Some of the greatest clubs in the world are known not for their amazing headlining artists or their residencies but for the ludicrous price tags they come with for having drinks at their venue. This year, premiere Vegas venue Hakkasan plans on taking the celebration of this year and the upcoming new year to the next level. They have recently revealed their $500,000 “Dynastie Package” for their New Year’s Eve event starring Ruckus playing exclusively in the Ling Ling Room and hosting Eva Shaw, Burns, and Calvin Harris in the main room before the ball drops. They will also have the same package available on December 30th with Hardwell with Kill The Buzz and January 1st with Tiësto and MOTi. The bundle comes with the following:

  • The service of about 40 staff members at your disposal
  • The customer’s name flashing on the big screen during a confetti drop
  • A 30-liter bottle (estimated 4 ft., 100 lbs.) of Midas by Armand de Brignac that is served by a model cocktail waitress
  • A gold disc signed by Calvin Harris, Tiësto, or Hardwell (depending on the date you go)
  • Diamond cuff links and diamond necklace
  • A special championship belt (to feel like a winner after spending that much money)

If you want to catch Calvin at Vegas for New Year’s Eve and do not want to spend the price of a house, general admission is available starting at $175 for women and $325 for men (which continue to increase as the date draws closer). This egregious amount to pay to see an artist is similar to when Tiësto pulled off a NYE show at LIV with ridiculous prices just to have a table for 15 people (which was only $50,000). Will other clubs try to top each other with their own NYE parties with equally (if not more) high prices for the New Years? We’ll keep you posted.

Source: Yahoo Travel
Photo credit: Rukes