Like all music scenes, electronic dance music has plenty of systemic problems within. One such problem was recorded at this year’s Stereosonic and attained viral spread across the Internet. The video shows a group of both shirtless and tank-top wearing bros taking swings at each other dealing serious damage to themselves and the innocent bystanders around them.

One of the most damaging responses to this incident came from a Sunshine Coast journalism student named Joel Bevilacqua. In his glorious rant, Joel takes all sorts of jabs at the people in the video who made a little push and shove a bigger problem than it had to be. Even after over fifty-thousand Facebook likes on the post, his words continue to ring loud and clear.


This video and the rant were so upsetting and influential that one of the co-founders of Stereosonic Frank Cotelo voiced his displeasure with not just what occurred but his entire vexation on bro culture.


Although Mr. Cotela may have come off a little strong in stating that there will be more “extensive profiling” at the festival, it is fantastic to know that Stereosonic will be more involved with preventing issues with massive, violent attendants in the future.

Photo credit: Rukes