Recognize this guy? That’s Dr. Dre, and he is the top-earning musician in the world this year. Not only that, but at $620 million before taxes, he also just set the record for the largest single-year haul for any artist, ever.

According to Forbes‘ recently released list of 2014’s highest paid musicians, there’s roughly half a billion dollars separating him from the number two earner, Beyonce. That’s crazy enough in itself, but I’d like to direct your attention to another interesting tidbit about this list: Calvin Harris is the only electronic dance artist to make an appearance, coming in at number nine with a haul of $66 million. No Tiesto, no Armin Van Buuren, and thankfully, no Paris Hilton. Surprised there aren’t more household DJ names on the list? Just remember, for all its popularity, EDM is still in it’s infancy compared to other genres (okay, maybe it’s closer to the tween stage). And of course, pop music will almost always dominate the charts. Check out the full list from Forbes after the jump and let us know if you saw anyone that surprised you!

The World’s Highest Paid Musicians (2014)

1. Dr Dre: $620 Million
2. Beyonce: $115 Million
3. The Eagles: $100 Million
4. Bon Jovi: $82 Million
5. Bruce Springsteen: $81 million
6. Justin Bieber: $80 million
7. One Direction: $75 million
8. Paul McCartney: $71 million
9. Calvin Harris: $66 million
10. Toby Keith: $65 million
11. Taylor Swift: $64 million
12. Jay Z: $60 million (tie)
12. Diddy: $60 million (tie)
12. Bruno Mars: $60 million (tie)
15. Justin Timberlake: $57 million
16. Pink: $52 million
17. Michael Bublé: $51 million
18. Rihanna: $48 million
19. Rolling Stones: $47 million
20. Roger Waters: $46 million
21. Elton John: $45 million
22. Kenny Chesney: $44 million
23. Katy Perry: $40 million
24. Jason Aldean: $37 million (tie)
24. Jennifer Lopez: $37 million (tie)
26. Miley Cyrus: $36 million (tie)
26. Celine Dion: $36 million (tie)
28. Muse: $34 million (tie)
28. Luke Bryan: $34 million (tie)
30. Lady Gaga: $33 million (tie)
30. Drake: $33 million (tie)

[Source: Forbes]

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