iRobot, the worlds leader in household robotic technologies, has just announced its newest SKU in its educational series; the Create 2. Create is part of iRobot’s devotion to furthering STEM education of basic robotic engineering and computer sciences and comes with the supplies an ammeter robo-tinkerer would need to dive right in: the robot itself (which resembles that of a basic Roomba vacuum but in a slime green paint job), power/data cables, and iRobot was even so kind as to include the batteries needed to power the thing. *golf claps* Though what the actual bot does is entirely up to its programmer! That’s right! You control every aspect of its movements and more! All for the mere price of $199.99 USD.

Interestingly enough, iRobot’s website also includes a dedicated section to displaying different educational project ideas and tutorials for the Create 2; including that on how to transform the unit into your own roaming portable music player, aka your own personal DJ ROOMBA! If you’re unfamiliar with DJ Roomba, it is a creative spoof featured in multiple episodes of NBC’s Parks and Recreation that features an iPod attached to a Roomba that plays music while it cleans Tom Haverford’s house, which he claims came from SkyMall.

Take a glance through iRobot’s instruction manual on how to build such an epic fusion of music and robotic technology here. If you’re up for the challenge, the Create 2 can be bought on iRobot’s website.

H/T: Engadget | Photo Credit: imgur