Quality headphones and EDM go together like two peas in a pod. With every DJ and fan yearning to hear the full effects and range of electronic music, it makes choosing your pair of headphones an intimate process. From choosing the right style, to how colorful they will be, it is not an easy decision.

Companies like V-moda and Sol Republic have done a great job on securing a very dedicated following, as their quality and style reign king in the market place. Razer, a company that has been more focused on gaming technology in the past, is looking to disrupt this market and take their product to the EDM community.

One of their latest lines, the Adaro DJ Set, was specifically made to enter the market and will hopefully be met with the success that all their other lines have achieved. After receiving a pair to try out, we made sure to test every possible scenario to get a better idea of their potential.


First, we tried using the headphones from the perspective of an average user. From on the go listening to at-work applications, the Adaro series makes for an exceptional user experience. The “surround sound” capabilities of the headphones resembles other gaming headsets in the sense that you can feel the music encompass you from all angles. While other headphones focus on bass and dedicate more time to perfect sound quality, the unique approach of gaming headphones makes the user feel immersed in the music, hearing it from all angles. Don’t get me wrong, the sound quality is terrific and the lightweight fit make the Adaro series great for long term use, but it makes a better headphone set for users, not DJs.

When tried at a local show, the headphones failed to carry the impact that other headphones in it’s class have already mastered. The crowd noise unfortunately leaks into the headset, prompting the need to focus on the music and tune the crowd out. Overall the quality of the headphones is there, between durability, truth to sound, and user experience; but I would much rather use the Adaro series for personal use over playing live due to that single limitation.

At the end of the day, Razer did a fantastic job on their first pair of headphones geared toward the EDM market. Check out the Adaro headphones HERE