‘Dirty Vibe’ is easily one of the most frantic, high energy tunes off Skrillex‘s latest album, Recess, and the recently released music video fits this…well, vibe, perfectly. The video premiered earlier today via Redbull Music and while Skrillex and collaborator Diplo are conspicuously absent, K-Pop superstars CL and G-Dragon go in hard enough for all 4 of them.

CL, a member of the all female group 2NE1, and G-Dragon of the boy band Big Bang, are a major part of both the track and its accompanying music video, trading verses with their aggressive, stilted flows as the music goes from heavy to airy and back again. Visually, the video is about as frenzied as it can get; though it’s set in a white studio, the background is constantly changing, adding more and more fluorescent color to the environment as the song progresses. Sheer ridiculousness was most likely the goal of this project and everything from CL and G-Dragon‘s wardrobes to the massive wall of DayGlo squirt guns help accentuate this vision. And, of course, what ‘Dirty Vibe’ music video would be complete without an extra gonzo Lamborghini in the mix? Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

Source: Redbull