Oooooh boy. I’m telling you right now, if you were a fan of the original “Paradise Awaits” from mysterious ZHU, you’re going to absolutely love Part 2.

This sequel finds itself in company of other great sequels that are better than the first, e.g., The Dark Knight, LAXX – Step Two, or Chinese food leftovers (come on, we all know it’s better the next day).

The intro draws you in as if it was the same as the original but quickly pulls the wool from off your eyes with Goldlink’s lyrical prowess and a barebones beat. You can still tell it’s “Paradise Awaits” but this Part 2 is just damn tasty. It’s got a definite hip hop vibe to it, that is reinforced by Goldlink’s rap, but make no mistake, this is electronic music for the masses. At just two and a half minutes, I wish it was longer, I really do. But the “short and sweet” nature of the track will likely have you playing it over and over and over again to squeeze out as much of it as you can.

This particular meld of electronic and hip hop is seriously pleasing to the ears, and I just want more. For now, check out the track below.