On December 30th and 31st, Decadence will host a heap of artists including Bassnectar, Grizmatik, Disclosure, Armin Van Burren, as well as numerous other big time, and up and coming acts. One of those acts is someone I have supported since the first time I heard his music, Said The Sky. Really, there have been few times that someone’s music really blew me away like his did. It was one of those moments where you listen and just know that this dude is going places. Since then, Trevor has continued to push himself and his top quality tunes. Many of which, I can assume you’ll hear at Decadence if you are going.

2015 is looming overhead and Said The Sky is one artist who could take over the year in a big way. It’s not hard to imagine any of his work being backed by any of the major dance music labels, or even majors like Atlantic. Hailing from Colorado, Trevor is in one of the hearts of bass music, which has helped him to shape his sound, as well as get it out there. I recently had an interview with the producer where we go over where he started from, what his journey so far has been like, as well as where he is planning to take 2015. I’m telling you now, if you don’t end up hopping on the Said The Sky train, you’re seriously missing out on something special. He is a guy that the scene needs to have if it wants to evolve positively.

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Your EDM Interview:

1. How did you get into music in the first place?

My mom put me in piano lessons when I was about 8 I think. I honestly hated lessons. I quit after a couple years, but quickly realized I couldn’t go a day without sitting down to play. Got back into it in middle school, along with a couple other instruments.

2. What did you grow up listening to? When did you get into dance music?

I grew up listening to quite a range of music! Everything from post-hardcore stuff like We Came As Romans and Woe Is Me, to Owl City and really upbeat floaty music. I started really getting into dance music when I first learned about production at a Digital Audio Production class in high school. The first tune that really hooked me was Gemini – Blue. I had heard Cookie Monsta and other pretty up and coming dubstep dudes, but nothing really grabbed me like that tune. It was the perfect combination of the heavy drums, with breathtaking harmonies and melodies. I knew right then that I could find a place some day in this music.

3. Do you enjoy working on remixes or originals more?

Honestly that is a really tough question. They both have their pros and cons. There’s no greater feeling than an idea jumping into your head one out of the blue, and being able to execute it perfectly. Those turn out to be my favorite. That being said, I’m not always swimming in ideas, so when I hit dry spots creatively, a remix is the perfect way to pick things back up, and build off something already started.

4. When did you get hooked up with Phase Management, and how have they helped get your career going?

I was first introduced to them at Global Dance festival this last summer. I had heard some of the artists under their management and really looked up to them so I knew it was a place I wanted to be. Since they’ve pulled me under their wing, they’ve been nothing but supportive and helped push me in a direction I’m comfortable with. They’ve helped get some of my tunes into ears of artists I’ve only dreamed of showing my music to someday. Amazing group of people for sure.

5. Can you tell us a little about “Ares,” your most recent single?

“Ares” was kind of a leap of faith for me. A lot of my music has been very focused around the melody with lots of harmonies kind of carrying the tune, while keeping an uplifting vibe through the whole thing. While I did try and incorporate that into “Ares,” I still feel it was one of my darker tunes so far. I definitely plan on experimenting with that kind of music a bit more. It was a lot of fun to write!

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6. Favorite song of yours that you have created?

This is such a tough question, because there are aspects of each tune that I love, and aspects that I sometimes consider what the tune would’ve turned out like had I done something different. If I had to pick one, I would have to say my Novo Amore & Ed Tullet – Faux remix spoke to me the most. It was the most into a song I’ve ever felt while working on it. I felt like it gave me the freedom to really go at with with what I’ve learned in any music training I’ve had over the years. I was able to focus more on the music, rather than the sounds I was using.

7. How does it feel to be performing at Decadence this New Years Eve?

I literally can’t explain the feeling. Some of the artists I’ll be sharing the stage with really make me stop and thing about where I’m at now compared to a year ago. Its so easy for me to get caught up in where I want to be, and how far I still have to go to get to where I want to be… It’s events and opportunities like this that make me so grateful for what I have. So excited!!

8. What do you feel separates you from other producers?

I feel like I try and accomplish a slightly more musically focused style than most producers. My training in piano, music theory, ear training, and such a focus on music for most of my life really give me a chance to create whats going on in my head.

9. What software do you use to produce? Have any favorite plugins?

I currently produce everything in Ableton. I started in Logic, and sometimes I miss its warmer sound, but once I made the switch I really realized just how illogical Logic was in so many ways. And as far as plugins go, one that you’ll hear in literally all of my tunes is the Alicias Keys plugin for Native Instruments Kontakt. Its the best sounding piano I’ve found so far for sure.

10. What does 2015 look like for Said The Sky?

I honestly have no idea what this next year looks like, other than lots and lots of tunes! I have some that I’m holding onto at the moment that I’m not quite ready to put out yet. I really want to take some time to experiment with other styles and genres, so you’ll definitely be hearing some new things!

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Photo Credit: Dark Matter