Every so often, an artist will jump onto our radar and completely redefine our idea of underground bass music. Pittsburgh’s LeMoti, the brainchild of Mason Goldman and Erli Veizi, recently did just that with the release of their debut EP Hush Money; boasting five original tracks, including two massive collaborations with Most Dope and Taylor Gang-affiliated rapper, Beedie, plus Canadian future bass producer, Knight Riderz, it’s safe to say that LeMoti is now quite high on our list of artists to watch in 2015.

Their sound is an ever-shifting, genre-blending stew of trap, OG dubstep, and psychedelic downtempo that they affectionately refer to as ‘space bass’; if Rick Ross could mob around the cosmos in a Maybach brand spaceship, this is what would be bumping through the speakers. Not ones to be tied down by conventional ideas of what genres consist of, LeMoti really strived to push the envelop on this EP and the result is a supremely refreshing take on bass music. Each track is both soothing and tastefully hard-hitting, driving the listener forward on a cloud of resonant 808s, trippy synth arpeggios, and ambient melodies. Richly detailed and wonderfully fresh, Hush Money is not a release you want to be caught sleeping on. And, as if the music itself wasn’t special enough, this EP marks the first release on Sleeveless Records, the new imprint of Bay Area beat-hustler, Stylust Beats.

Check out the full stream of LeMoti‘s Hush Money EP after the jump and, if you’re feeling the vibes, grab a copy of your own on Beatport!


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