EDM has seen one of the most financially successful years on record. Between the multitude of charting albums, successful festivals and burgeoning labels, it finally seems like EDM has a strong standing in the business and financial sectors of the larger markets, including merchandising.

I like to believe that when an industry reaches a certain level of success, they begin to think of their roots, where they came from, and think about giving back to the community. Such is the case with one of the largest and most successful labels in the game, OWSLA.

According to Billboard, “Last year’s edition [of its Nestivus charity drive] raised more than $8,000 for the international music nonprofit, which is currently raising funds to build an interdisciplinary music school in the South African township of Langa.” Proceeds from the drive go directly to Bridges for Music, a charity that supports young musicians in Cape Town.

“Anything that sits at the intersection of youth, music, art and charity is pretty much something we want to be involved in,” says Blaise DeAngelo, OWSLA general manager. To get more people amped for the drive, OWSLA has discounted membership to its Drip.FM subscription service to $9 for a limited time. Subscribers will receive the compilation as well as 24 other giveaways in the lead-up to Christmas. Potential prizes will include signed show-worn Skrillex headphones, Sonos speakers and new original material from OWSLA artists.

DeAngelo says Bridges for Music was a natural recipient choice, given their partnership history. Last year, Skrillex hosted a free Bridges for Music workshop with 12th Planet in Langa to support empowerment and engagement for disadvantaged youth.

“Since then, Sonny has remained close with Bridges for Music,” says DeAngelo. “They’ve sort of become the official charity partner of OWSLA.”


You can read the full story on Billboard