Fest300 is an online website dedicated to finding and promoting the best festivals around the globe each year, and compiling them into a list that will undoubtedly streamline your festival season planning for the coming spring. So far, around 270 festivals have already been chosen by the obviously passionate & well spoken cultural and musical enthusiasts running the site. None of these festivals are ranked either, so everyone’s on an equal playing field. This is strictly the best of the best. From the International White Truffle Fair, to the Cannabis cup, Snowglobe, & the World Bodypainting Festival, their startlingly diverse list already has something everyone can take an interest in.

For the final 30 candidate, Fest300 made a bold and brilliant move by letting the fans decide. Last month festival goers around the globe raised their digital voices as they helped the site’s staff narrow down 120 key festivals that had not made it into the previous 270. This list of 30 community sourced festivals was released as part of the keynote speech from Fest300’s founder, Chip Conley at the International Music Festival Conference (IMFCON) on Dec. 7. Conley wants to help people discover festivals/events that will change their lives, and open their minds to the beautiful and diverse aspects of human culture that so many of us will never experience in our day to day comings and goings. The site plans to release the full list of premier festivals next month, and we hope it encourages more people to get out there and experience something new this season. Buy a few tickets, and take a few rides. For your health.

Turning to our community to determine the last 30 festivals that will cap off our list is a reflection of the site’s core purpose. We’re all there to celebrate, discover and learn from one another.

Chip Conley
Founder – Fest300
Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy – Airbnb