It’s not everyday that you see a collaboration like this arise. Irish producer The Eden Project has teamed up with hip hop lyricist Ato Alexander to form the aptly named ATO X EDEN.

Their first release was a little over two weeks ago and got over 10,000 plays in the first five days. This new release “You Know” is looking to break that record and judging by the quality of the track, I would say it’s pretty likely. The new project is more heavily focused on hip hop than any of The Eden Project’s previous projects, likely owing to Ato’s vocal prowess. We’re not sure what brought these two together, but we’re not about to start complaining. The sound of the track itself contains some dope future vibes and maybe you could even say trap, but I doubt that either of these artists would agree with any current label. If anything, this is the true intersection between EDM and hip hop that we’ve been waiting for.

Hip hop has long owed a lot of its success to electronically produced tracks while lyricists spit vapid and empty rhymes. Long gone are the days when rap tracks actually stood for something, now they’re all just about who can claim the most cred. Though, I won’t claim to be any sort of expert on hip hop because I’m not, but I’ve seen many people agree with that interpretation. The lyrics for “You Know” at least carry a little more weight.

Check it out.