Dr. Ozi have done something pretty unique with their latest release. Generally artists release a track, and that track might get remixed, or edited, or bootlegged. Sometimes that artist might even make a VIP (Variation In Production) of that tune and mix it up themselves. Rarely, if ever, have I seen an artist release two different mixes of the same track simultaneously.

Yet, here we are. For the new single “We Don’t Stop,” Dr. Ozi have released a “Hot Mix” and a “Cold Mix” – both equally delicious bass treats. The “Hot Mix,” as you might expect, is the heavier and faster of the two. Dubstep at its finest with fast-paced beats and a second drop sure to catch you off guard. The “Cold Mix” on the other hand is a heavily chilled out version, that you could hardly call dubstep. It’s more along the lines of chill trap ballad (and I’m talking like 0°C) except for the energetic vocals which form an odd dichotomy within the otherwise peaceful track.

You can pick up the 2-track EP from iTunes now.