Not unlike you and me, Zedd also has a New Year’s Resolution for 2015. Acclaimed DJ and producer, Anton Zaslavski, decided to take to his twitter to reveal what he sought to accomplish for the upcoming year. Accompanying his new resolution, Zedd also revealed what he set out for himself and accomplished for 2014.

My new years resolution in 2014 was not to reply to any hater or any hateful comment and only give people my attention who share positivity.

Anton then follows up by discussing what many tackle everyday when spending time online, on facebook, twitter, etc…

There’s sooo much hate online, for absolutely no reason but the fact that people feel invincible behind a computer screen. The only thing feeding them is attention. So I thought, for myself, I’m just not gonna give them attention! 🙂 So instead of telling someone that I think he / she’s wrong, I just found someone else that I thought was right and talked to that person. And even though it absolutely hurts to read some of the comments because you LIVE for what you do.. sometimes u just gotta “shake it off” 😉

And finally Zedd reveals what he will seek to do in 2015.

LONG STORY SHORT. My new years resolution for 2015 is gonna be the exact same as 2014; share love and cut off attention for haters! 🙂

You can read the tweets down below:

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