Update: The young man who fell over the balcony early this morning, who has been identified as Cody Tjaden, passed away in a hospital bed at 2:37pm. Our thoughts go out to his family and to his sister, Allie. You can read the full story from one of his friends who was there HERE.


This early morning at the Washington D.C. club Echostage, it was reported that the event calling itself “MEGA DC Massive”, featuring Flux PavilionSlanderYellow Claw and others was cut short. It wasn’t much later that social media began to reveal that an attendee had fallen from the second-floor balcony area and sustained critical injuries to his head. Pools of blood could be seen forming around the attendee. Very soon after the incident, police and EMTs arrived on the scene and the event was halted. Flux Pavilion was the next producer on the lineup, and though he was not able to play, of course he understood the gravity of the situation.


Many are saying that he jumped, but one user on twitter claiming to be the sister of “Cody” says that he merely fell.

tweet about echostage from sister

Social media, the hotbed of intelligent discussion that it is, quickly devolved to baseless accusations of drug use or even that the attendee jumped. Without an official report, all these claims serve to do is fuel the masses’ need for drama even in the event of such a terrible occurrence as someone possibly losing his life. Official reports and local news channels will likely cover this story and we’ll be sure to update you on any developments in the narrative. At this time, however, it is best to remember that someone is in the hospital fighting for his life, and we should all pray for his swift recovery.

Update: EchoStage took to their Facebook page to release an official statement concerning the incident.